The ecological farm »NašRaj« (»OurParadise«) is situated between small towns of Idrija and Tolmin amidst unspoiled nature at 920m. Our main specialities and activities are:

  • Culinary experiences
  • Organic/Ecological cultivation of fruit and vegetables (production and processing)
  • Organic/Ecological sheep, donkey and cow breeding
  • Organised tours/Sightseeing of the farm, its natural treasures and tourist sites
  • Renting of rooms
  • Renting of camping places
  • Renting of picnic and party facilities

The ecological farm »NašRaj« is a place for peace-seekers, for individuals who desire beauty and natural life. The farm and its surroundings possess a secretive charm that a person cannot resist – something that becomes part of you. Something that makes you want to come back again an again. Because it is your nature that you seek and embrace. The crystal clear water murmurs its charming and cheerful tales, numerous ravines reveal secret sights and there on the horizont the old farm homesteads counter the ravages of time. The green lawns, surrounded by woods, are a place to rest your eyes and heart upon, and the cheerful waterfalls that flow into the small, emerald ponds, will make your soul sing and connect you to your innermost self. Make your pilgrimage to mother nature, listen to her and open your heart to her miracles. She will enchant you with her sheer beauty – let her tell you a story of wilderness and an untamed harmony. Let your time slow down, maybe even stop. And even before you take the road back into the valley, you will want to come back again and again – to come return to yourself.

»Let OurParadise be your paradise«

The ecological farm »NašRaj« is opened for visitors from April to November every day by prior arrangement.

We want you to feel at home, thus we plan and prepare an individual and unique treat for each guest. We of course consider your wishes and demands and make sure, that you enjoy your stay immensely.

Short movie about us => HERE

Eceat green holidays => HERE


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